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Our Performance Plan is a monthly subscription service specifically for individuals with clear performance objectives to ensure they are training effectively, efficiently and technically towards their goals. This package is about building a long term performance strategy around driven athletes working towards a specific performance outcome. 


The team at Informed Performance have mentored and trained athletes across 5 Olympic cycles, working with World and Olympic medal winning athletes across 20 different sports with a combined 30+ years experience in high performance sport - meaning that whatever your chosen pursuit or outcomes, we can help you reach your performance goals.

This package will go above and beyond tailored training prescription, where the team will work with you to optimise your training week, recover effectively and efficiently, set and monitor targeted and robust metrics to assess progress, all to ensure that come event-day you are operating at your full potential.

The individualised training programme is delivered via an industry-leading app, complete with a chat function that allows for easy contact between you and your coach. Each exercise has a dedicated instructional video, and the app also offers a user friendly function for uploading photos and videos for technical feedback and guidance. In addition, at the start of your programme you will discuss with the team key metrics and tracking statistics that can all be logged and compared in the app to assess progress.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a developing athlete striving to make your mark in your chosen sport, or a weekend warrior looking to take your performance to the next level, this package is for you.


We are passionate about helping driven individuals achieve their sporting goals, whatever they may be. 


The Informed Performance team has amassed 30+ years working with elite level athletes to attain specific performance outcomes.

We offer both pre-written and bespoke individualised training plans catering for a variety of performance and sport specific goals. 

If you are looking to secure more structure and direction to your own training regime, or you are looking for an individualised program written specific to your needs and desired outcomes by a team of elite level strength and conditioning coaches, click below to visit our shop to find a plan that suits you.


The Informed Performance team has vast experience delivering practical coaching sessions to a multitude of athletes and trainers, where the purpose is to ensure that practical application of the program or training session meets the optimal requirements to elicit the desired adaptation. 


We offer in-person coaching, whether you are on a Personal Performance or Sports Performance package, or you simply are looking to educate yourself and get the most out of your current training set-up.

If you are interested in organising an in person coaching session click below to get in touch. 


Accurate and reliable measurement of key physical qualities is essential for the elite athlete to understand their current physical performance capabilities, and to assess the effectiveness and the individuals response to different training blocks.

The Informed Performance team have developed a scientifically robust process and testing battery to measure and analyse the important physical qualities required for elite sports performance.

The process used to develop this diagnostic battery can be applied to you and your individual circumstances, to help you assess your own performance and make crucial training decisions in order to further enhance your sporting performance.

Each diagnostic data collection will be tailored to your individual physical and sporting requirements, and can be delivered in person or administered at a distance, to fit your circumstance and need. 

Click below to find out more about our diagnostic service. 


We are passionate about and have built a career helping athletes achieve their performance goals. However, for over 15 years the team have mentored and developed performance coaches and sport scientists supporting elite level athletes, helping them secure and thrive in strength & conditioning roles across professional rugby, football, cycling, AFL and swimming to name just a few.

Whether you are an aspiring practitioner, or simply desire critical professional development from an industry leading mentor, we would love to help take your coaching and performance support skills to the next level. 

"My first coaching role after university involved working in a department lead by Michael. Whilst undergraduate and postgraduate degree’s helped develop my knowledge of physiology and biomechanics I hadn’t experienced full time work supporting elite athletes and coaches before. Over 4 years Michael helped me develop the skills to support Olympian’s and lead national programs. Years on when I have a question Michael is still top of my list of experts to call!" - Scott Pollock, Head of Strength & Conditioning, British Cycling

"Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with Michael in a number of different contexts, as a day in day out mentor, as a trusted sounding board and as someone who I have consistently utilised for staff development both at the EIS and more recently at the LTA. I have seen consistently how his applied experience, insight and knowledge have helped both myself and others gain more confidence in what we do but more importantly prompted us to be more curious and think deeper about some of the problems we are trying to solve in our work." - Chris McLeod, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lawn Tennis Association

"I had an opportunity to work with Michael in 2009. Everyone I spoke to advised me to take the opportunity due to his expertise as a coach, his incredible wealth of knowledge in the area of strength and power development, but most importantly for his willingness to help mentor and develop his staff into the best coaches they could be. I am extremely glad I took their advice. MJ is one of the best practitioners in the industry and I am indebted to him for his insights and guidance over the years since. If you get the chance to work with him, my advice is take it." - Mark Kilgallon, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sydney Swans (AFL)

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