Below are some of the projects and collaborations the team at Informed Performance have been working on. 

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Tatami Fightwear was founded in 2009 with the goal of addressing the need for high quality Jiu Jitsu products at affordable prices. Tatami Fightwear is now one of the world's leading combat sports brands, whilst being a leading retailer and athlete sponsor within the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sponsoring some of the sport's top athletes, such as JT Torres, Rafael Lovato Jr and Michelle Nicolini.

We have partnered with Tatami Fightwear to develop and share knowledge around sport science for Jiu Jitsu and the wider world of combat sports. We will be working closely with them to develop live and online content to help those from the recreational through to the elite level improve their performance and longevity on the mats. 

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Headquartering in Belfast, BLK BOX designs and manufactures premium end to end functional fitness equipment. Since 2012 BLK BOX has been changing the face of the fitness industry. Their mission is simple – to improve athletes through better training and equipment. BLK BOX offer a totally customised turnkey solution for the everyday athletes through to gym owners & sports teams. 

We are proud to partner with BLK BOX and will be working closely with them in delivering webinar and seminars. 

Additionally, our subscription clients will be lucky enough to make use of exclusive discount on any equipment purchased through BLK BOX.


Online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning, and Nutrition programs specifically designed to get results.

We have teamed up with Grappl Online to provide a robust strength & conditioning program that is specific to, and compliments the technical jui-jitsu curriculum. Click the button below to find out more


Complete Home Strength and Conditioning

With the UK-wide lockdown due to Covid-19, we teamed up with Professor Victor Estima and Coach Simon Ling to create a complete strength and conditioning template delivered to the GB Nottingham students that could be completed at home with minimal equipment.


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