My breakthrough year was London 2017 where I made a world final and raced against the legend Usain bolt, I then moved to loughborough and started working with Rob and MJ in the gym for strength and conditioning. We analysed all my issues we then came up with a program which was challenging yet goal achievable, and got straight to work. Within my first year I improved dramatically in my technical lifting ability with my clean PB from 90 to 125kg and became very robust and explosive in all other aspects of conditioning - which translated onto the track in which I ran sub 10 on 4 occasions, won the British Championships and won a silver at European championships in Berlin.

Rob is an outstanding coach, and what I like most about him is his attention to detail with technique and his motivational skills to push you to achieve more. I also feel Rob connects with you well on a personal level which will keep you motivated, and he he has a sense of care which for me I think is important cause at not one point did I feel demotivated working with Rob but always wanting to push on and do more.

MJ is also a great coach - he is extremely intelligent and very knowledgable on all aspects of training, he is well educated on all the progressions adaptions and concepts of the different muscles groups and will not just coach you but actually explain why you are doing something and how this will improve you as an athlete. MJ is a realist so is very straight and narrow when it comes to achieving goals so if you want to want to train with him make sure you bring your A-game and proof will be in the session.

I think combined Rob and MJ make a great team with their combined knowledge and expertise, and will improve any athlete across all sports - training with them was a very enjoyable experience and you will be in safe hands. 

Reece Prescod

World Finalist, European Silver Medalist, 9.94s 100m Sprinter

Reece’s testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

Since working with Michael and Rob full time I have seen big improvements in the gym. I am stronger, more powerful and the most robust I have ever been, both in the gym and on the track.

MJ is very well read and up to date with the latest research and I have seen some remarkable improvements in my elasticity and plyometrics ability due to the exercises he has suggested. I have 100% trust in a programme that MJ implements and know that he is always searching and seeking out alternative methods to create strength and power.

I work with Rob 2/3 times a week in the gym when he is overseeing my weights session. Rob’s passion and enthusiasm in the gym has really helped me improve over the last 2 years. I am totally inspired by his charisma when I am lifting and the cues / feedback he provides are world class. His knowledge of exercises and ability to adapt in the moment is very impressive but the one thing that stands out is his commitment. Nothing is too much of a hassle and Rob is willing to help wherever he can, including sessions which aren’t even related to the gym.

I feel very privileged to have both MJ and Rob in my team, helping me on my journey to achieving my goals.

Holly Bradshaw

Multiple European Medalist, World and Olympic Finalist, British Record Holder

Holly's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.
holly b.jpg
victor estima.jpeg

I have been practicing sports all my life but as a teenager I found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I found my passion. Since then I have had a long career as a professional competitor. As Brazilian Jiu jitsu is still an amateur sport I didn’t have a professional environment at the beginning of my career. Only towards the end of my career I surrounded myself with a more professional set up which is when I realised the difference it makes when you take better care of your body. I was already suffering with severe injuries due to wear and tear and a lack of balanced strength. 

I had the privilege to know MJ and Rob as they are students at Gracie Barra Nottingham where I coach. They noticed my struggles and offered their services to me. Eventually I started to make my way to Loughborough on a weekly basis. When I started to train with MJ and Rob I was a retired athlete and full of injuries, specially in my lower back. Very quickly I noticed an improvement and it gave me the confidence to continuing my Jiu jitsu training and I have noticed a great change in my body. 

I have to say I felt quite frustrated because I have just found them after my prime as an athlete. I wish I had them with me during my professional career, and I can say I would probably have accomplished way more then I did. I am just happy now to have them by my side from now on.

One thing that makes the total difference with them both is that all the advice and training have been tested and researched and their experience gives me the confidence to follow through with what ever they say. There is always a reason why we are doing things and you can tell they are so passionate about what they do; this is how I am with my sport so I couldn’t find a better team to take care of me. 

I have no doubt Rob and MJ will contribute so much to anyone who seeks to become as good as they can be in any sport or well being. 

Victor Estima

Professor, World Champion NoGI 2011, European Champion 2012, British National Double Gold 2016, 6 x IBJJF world’s Bronze medalist, 4 x World Pro silver medalist


I have worked with MJ throughout my career, from teaching me the fundamentals as a young athlete to pushing up my PB's throughout the years.

The professional approach has been outstanding, only bettered by a wealth of knowledge surrounding strength and conditioning. I've been very fortunate to have had him be an integral part of my journey to becoming World Champion.

Dai Greene

World, European and Diamond League Champion


In the time Informed Performance have been handling my strength and conditioning, they have shown to be the most reliable, knowledgeable, supportive and passionate coaches I’ve ever worked with.

Having trust in your coach is fundamental to performance and I’ve never had to question that with the team. The system used is incredibly efficient, in both personal use and in relaying information from each session, meaning tracking your workout and activity is really easy. I would have absolutely zero hesitation in recommending Informed Performance to anyone looking to improve their performance in any sport, at any level.

Vanessa English

IBJJF European Open, World and European No-Gi Champion. BJJ Black Belt under Victor Estima


Working with MJ and Rob has been a rewarding experience, with the highest level of programming, their attention to my needs as a mature athlete and the ability to modify sessions to cater for the aches and pains that go hand in hand with 400m running, it’s safe to say they are simply ELITE coaches in their field.

Martyn Rooney

Double European Champion, Multiple World Medalist, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Martyn's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I have been very lucky to work with Michael and Rob over the years. It’s not that they just helped me learn how to lift. They taught me so much about why you train a certain way plus the mechanics and science behind the training to help me get the best out of my athletic performance. No gimmicks, no games just the best work you can do.

Adam Gemeli

Commonwealth Silver Medalist, European Champion, World Relay Champion and Olympic Finalist

Adam's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I have so much respect and appreciation for Rob and MJ. They combine coaching with incredible knowledge and fun which helps keep training interesting!

The lengths they will go to, to see you succeed are admirable and I feel my achievements are products of their work as much as mine! My successful return from a patella tendon tear wouldn’t have been possible without their work in my rehab. I can’t thank them enough!

Niamh Emerson

World U20 Champion, Commonwealth Bronze and European Silver Medalist

Niamh's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

Michael and Rob have been a key part of my coaching team for the last 7 years. When we first started working I had been injured for quite some time. We worked on making my whole body stronger and more resilient. I have had very few injuries over the last few years as a result. 

Whilst I was unable to run, my gym sessions were my only form of training. By the time I returned to running I was in excellent physical shape. This meant I was able to increase my running load quickly and still have a very successful competitive season. 

Their ability to adapt exercises/programmes when necessary, while still achieving the desired outcome has been key. Their attention to detail is second to none.

Lynsey Sharp

Double Commonwealth medalist, European Champion, World and Olympic Finalist

Lynsey's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I’ve worked closely with Rob over the last 6 months since a hamstring tear playing professional football. The level of detail and knowledge that he has helped me gain has been incredible, even after my 6 years in professional sport.


They’ve helped me add 30% to my max strength testing and he’s been available to help with any training questions at any time of the day. He's a great guy who takes so much care over his work!

Niall Keown

Professional Footballer

niall keown.jpg
morgan 3.jpg

I have had the privilege to work with both Rob and MJ at different points in my athletic career. The level of hard work they put in to writing a bespoke program that caters for the specific needs of the athlete is unparalleled. Going from a heptathlete to an elite high jumper, my specific strength needs changed and Rob was able to develop an ongoing strength program that complemented the other aspects of my training.

In addition to this Rob and MJ work closely with the athlete to gain a sense of what they want to get out of the session, which allows the athlete to feel part of their S&C program and not dictated to. Aside from this, both Rob and MJ are both great people who make gym sessions both fun and effective.

Morgan Lake

Double World Junior Champion, Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, World and Olympic Finalist

Morgan's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I’ve been working with Rob and MJ for over 3 years now and in that time I’ve seen big improvements in my athletic performances. Strength and conditioning is often overlooked in endurance running but not only does it improve performance, it helps me cope with the demands that running up to 90mile weeks puts on my body in keeping me strong and robust. Their input into my training over these last few years has been invaluable.

Melissa Courtney-Bryant

European Cross Country Mixed-Relay Winner, Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist, European Bronze Medalist, Welsh 5000m Record Holder

Melissa's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.
mills 4.jpg

I have been working with MJ and Rob as a part of the Gracie Barra Ambassador’s program, since we started work together I noticed I perform much better during my training and at competition. They help me as well with injury prevention which is a big part if you are professional competitor but one of the things that surprised me the most is how they have managed to keep training challenging with a limited equipment during a lockdown [Covid-19].

That’s why I believe it doesn’t matter at what current shape you are and what goals you have, they are the best to take care of you.

Jakub Zajkowski

1st Place IBJJF Paris, Rome, Dublin, London and Amsterdam 2019, 1st Place London Warrior Cup 2019, World Pro Championships 2018 Bronze, ACB European Championships 2018 Silver, UAEJJF World Pro Champion 2017, Black Belt under Professor Braulio Estima


I started working with Rob back in 2016. I was pretty intimidated by all aspects of the gym and lacked confidence in my ability. From the outset Rob’s communication was outstanding. He listens to my goals & ensures my conditioning programme helps me to best achieve them. 

Through working with Rob I have become physically stronger than I ever imagined, achieved great results on the track and hugely improved my self-confidence. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Informed Performance.

Rosie Clarke

4th place Commonwealth Games 2018, Multiple European Finalist and World Championship Competitor


I worked with both MJ and Rob whilst training at the high performance centre in Loughborough throughout the 2018 & 2019 seasons with British athletics. 


They helped me improve my strength and conditioning and taught me the fundamentals to lifting whilst being very encouraging and motivating. I would definitely recommend their services!

Daryll Neita
Second fastest all time British Female, Olympic 100 m finalist, multiple European and World, and Olympic sprint relay medalist, 

Daryll's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I have worked with the Rob & MJ since late 2017 and have seen significant improvements in my sporting performance. Robs detailed and extremely well structured training programmes along with expert and in-depth knowledge into strength and conditioning performance has lead me to almost double my lifts in things such as cleans and squats. Personally I don’t think there is anyone better at coaching Olympic lifts, I am a prime example of this. Additionally this strength programme has lead me to achieve my first international medals at a European Championships at 2018 and we have big plans for the Olympics next year.

Having said all of this, one big and important factor of why it is a successful partnership is communication, he explains why we do each exercise and outlines the benefits which really helps engage and focus me on the task. I have complete faith in the process and he makes it easy to when I can see results so clearly. Also in general him and MJ are both down to earth, honest and nice people.

Zak Skinner

World Para Championships 4th 2017 and 5th 2019, European Para Championships Silver 2018

Zak's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

I really enjoyed working with Rob over the three and a half years in the lead up to winning a my World Silver medal in Portland and a 4th place finish at the Rio Olympic Games. The work we did in the gym was second to none, and I found him very professional, knowledgeable and motivational.

Robbie Grabarz

Multiple World and European medalist, Diamond League Winner & Olympic Bronze Medalist

Robbie's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

They find performance solutions to everything. Whether you need more power, more speed, more strength; whether you are training through injury; whether you are facing unusual circumstances (such as lockdown, or working on the side of a mountain in Nepal, or adapting traditional lifts to an amputee without an ankle). They give you functional, science backed hard work that makes you better.

Stef Reid, MBE

IPC European and World Champion, Paralympic Bronze and Double Silver Medalist

Stef's testimonial relates to the support provided by Rob and MJ in their respective roles for the British Athletics World Class Programme.

Rob and Michael helped me reach my physical peak performance for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, with a specialised program tailored to meet my goals.

They are the two most professional and knowledgeable people I have met in physical training/coaching for athletes.

Sean Coates

3 time World Bronze Medalist, 2 time European Silver Medalist, 7 time British Champion. BJJ Black Belt under Victor Estima


I approached Rob at informed performance earlier this year after suffering an MCL injury. The programming I received was great as it differed to what I have previously been accustomed to in professional rugby. The programs I have received in the past were generally based on what position you play, so they tend to be quite generic. However, Rob’s program was specifically tailored to meet my needs. The program also helped me move better by paying strict attention to form, allowing me to get incrementally stronger week on week. Informed performance have certainly given me the confidence to return to high level sport.

Tim Bitirim

Professional Rugby Player, Yorkshire Carnegie

fuzz 1.jpg

I have been working alongside both Rob Miller and Dr Michael Johnston for over six years. We have collaborated together in many capacities, from post-surgery rehab to pre-Olympic prep. A great example of this was with Robbie Grabarz who in May 2014 underwent serious knee surgery. In January 2015 he started jumping tentatively and later that year qualified for the world champs in Beijing. After the process of recovery training was finalised, we prepped for Rio, Robbie finished fourth in the final narrowly missing a medal. A remarkable achievement and journey considering the seriousness of his surgery and the complexity of his rehab.

I have worked with Rob and MJ alongside many other athletes and have achieved great success along the way, the majority reaching international success. They both take their work very seriously, are a great partnership, and are diligent and thorough, finding what is right for the athlete at any given period of their careers. Individual and intimate programming of training is the starting point for these guys.

I not only rate Rob and MJ as some of the best practitioners in their chosen field of S&C, but I rate them as two of the best coaches I have ever met. I have been an international athletics coach for over twenty-five years and consider Rob and MJ a great asset to my team and would encourage others to share in their expertise.

Fuzz Caan

Senior Coach at British Athletics, Coach to multiple world and Olympic medalists


For 15 years Michael has been a mentor, a colleague and friend. In those 15 years, he has pushed, inspired, educated, supported and believed in my coaching journey. He was my first professional mentor when I completed the UKSport fast track practitioner program and my first line manager at sport wales. In those early years, his tutelage gave me a foundation of professional coaching skills and physical training knowledge that I have built my career on top of. More latterly, I have sought out his expertise to make him an essential cog in our physical preparation program for our world-class sprint athletes.

His very detailed, individualised training and science-based recovery programs have underpinned several sub 10 and sub 20 performances, along with Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medal-winning and British record-breaking performances. If you are looking for someone to provide bespoke science-based physical preparation programs or up-skill your own coaching practices I can't recommend Michael enough. He has pushed me to reach and exceed my potential as a coach a human being and he could do that for you too.

Steve Fudge

Sprint Coach to Multiple World & Olympic Medalists


Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with Michael in a number of different contexts, as a day in day out mentor, as a trusted sounding board and as someone who I have consistently utilised for staff development both at the EIS and more recently at the LTA. I have seen consistently how his applied experience, insight and knowledge have helped both myself and others gain more confidence in what we do but more importantly prompted us to be more curious and think deeper about some of the problems we are trying to solve in our work.

Chris McLeod

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)


I had an opportunity to work with Michael in 2009. Everyone I spoke to advised me to take the opportunity due to his expertise as a coach, his incredible wealth of knowledge in the area of strength and power development, but most importantly for his willingness to help mentor and develop his staff into the best coaches they could be.

I am extremely glad I took their advice. MJ is one of the best practitioners in the industry and I am indebted to him for his insights and guidance over the years since. If you get the chance to work with him, my advice is take it.

Mark Kilgallon

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sydney Swans (AFL)


My first coaching role after university involved working in a department lead by Michael. Whilst undergraduate and postgraduate degree’s helped develop my knowledge of physiology and biomechanics I hadn’t experienced full time work supporting elite athletes and coaches before. Over 4 years Michael helped me develop the skills to support Olympian’s and lead national programs. Years on when I have a question Michael is still top of my list of experts to call!

Scott Pollock

Head of Strength and Conditioning, British Cycling


I am very fortunate to have known the guys at Informed Performance for over 10 years. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with, and learned from them in a professional capacity and can attest to their world class expertise in the field of elite sport. When it comes to strength and conditioning and sports science disciplines there are loads of practitioners that talk a good game, but the Informed Performance team will help you make it happen.

They have enabled, coached and given athletes the confidence to perform at the highest level and achieve world class results. Through bespoke strength diagnostic testing and individualised programming, they structure applied training that is clear, logical and effective in meeting any objective. With years of knowledge and a willingness to continue researching cutting edge sports/strength science these two practitioners will continue to push advances in our industry.

It is with great pleasure that I can recommend both practitioners as being world leaders in the field of high performance sport.

Ryan Whitely

Strength and Power Coach, Brisbane Broncos

ryan w.jpg

Michael and his team are an awesome group of coaches and practitioners with huge experience in sport and exercise. Michael is amongst the best coaches in the UK and has an incredible track record of leading performance programmes, helping athletes and coaches get better. On top of that Michael has an innovative mind and always brings that to his programmes to gain the performance edge.

Having worked with Michael and members of his team, I know every athlete and coach who receives their support will feel the performance benefit.

David Drake

Senior Athletic Performance Coach, Ulster Rugby


The teams blend of academic knowledge and practical experience make them some of the best performance coaches in the business in my view.

Their programmes are always underpinned by the strongest academic research but translated to ensure they have the maximum performance benefit on the end-user.

Professor Liam Kilduff

Reader in Perfromance Science Swansea University & Elite Sport Consultant

liam kilduff.jpg
jack milligan.jpg

I have known Rob for over three years, and can confidently say he is one of the best strength coaches I have come across. Without the time and mentorship he has offered me, I would definitely not be in the position I am in today. Rob has taught me a hell of a lot in the time we have known each other, so much so that I ensured I was able to use him as an external mentor in my previous position at Leicester City FC.

Rob’s major strengths as a coach include; his scientific understanding of strength and power development, ability to design world class programmes targeting specific physical qualities, and competency in coaching the Olympic lifts and their derivatives. These are only several reasons why he is responsible for coaching some of the most explosive athletes on the planet. I know two of Rob’s major passions within the industry are to; a) develop the strength and power characteristics of every athlete he works with, and b) aid the progression and learning of developing strength and conditioning coaches in their journey to become elite practitioners. These passions have been expressed to me through his work ethic, attention to detail when coaching his athletes, and willingness to pass on his expertise to myself. Having spent a significant amount of time with Rob, I couldn’t recommend him enough, both as a coach and as a mentor.

Jack Milligan

Strength and Power Coach, South Sydney Rabbitos (Rugby League)


If you are looking to further enhance your knowledge of S&C or develop as a coach look no further! Michael and Rob are two of the best professionals in Strength & Conditioning, having worked across an extensive range of sports they have a wealth of knowledge to bring your training to the next level.

I feel so privileged to have learnt from the best throughout my career with Michael mentoring me and helping me get UKSCA Emerging Coach of the year. You honestly won’t find a better team to help mentor or coach you to that next stage!

Lisa Gordon

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sport Northern Ireland Sports Institute

Lisa Costley.jpg

The greatest acceleration of my knowledge around human performance from a strength and fitness point of view has come from the 6 years I have spent working directly with Rob and Mike whilst caring for some of the fastest humans on the planet. Their scope of knowledge and humility to share, collaborate and educate not only their athletes but allied health professionals also, has had such a lasting impact on me, that my whole clinical practice as an Osteopath, is based around a strength & conditioning model.  I am honoured to be able to work with them,  learn from them and refer to them with my professional sports patients. From Sprinters, to footballers, to Golfers.

Poora Singh

Clinic Director at the Edgbaston Performance Clinic, Osteopath to British Athletics Team GB, European PGA Challenge Tour, Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC


It’s been great to work with MJ and Rob over the last Olympic cycle. They have a great ability to apply sound scientific principles to novel situations, with the aim of getting the best out of the athlete.

Jonas Dodoo

Head Coach & Founder of Speedworks, Sprint Coach to multiple sub-10s 100m athletes

jonas 1.jpg

I love speaking to people who know their stuff. The people who can answer your questions and give you tailored advice... Rob is one of those people.

His understanding of how the body works and how to make it work more effectively had an almost immediate impact.

I continue to follow his exercises and advice and I feel stronger and more confident in my movements after years of struggling with a bad back

Dan Walker

Journalist, newsreader and broadcaster for the BBC

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